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We are dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. Please let us know how you like our service(s). We invite you to contact us and share your feedback. We’re always glad to feature your content & you can send any media to: Thank you!

What Our Customers Say:

I own several properties that are serviced by well water.  Whenever I have an issue with any of them, I do not hesitate to call Tommy at Fletcher Drilling.  He was taught by the best (his dad) and continues this excellent service to this day.  He is honest, reputable and very fair in his pricing.  His quick response time and staying until the job is done is unmatched in this county.  So If you have any type of well issues call Tommy Fletcher/Fletcher Drilling, you will not regret it.  

-Bruce Klein

Combine personality and great service and you have Fletcher Drilling. Tommy was great to work with. I had a few specifics I wanted and Tommy was a no hassle, can deliver kind of guy. I recommend few pros. I was very impressed with Fletcher Drilling and highly recommend them. New well pump, new tank, new pump wire and electronics were all installed in short order. Thanks Tommy for the great service!

-James Verlare

Fast and expert service. Our water stopped working completely and Tommy first stepped me through some things I could to to make sure it wasn't something that didn't require a charge. I thought that was a rare and extremely helpful approach. When those steps didn't get the water working, Tommy made the time to come out and check our well system. We needed a new pump and he was able to get one installed the very next day so we were "down" for less than 24 hours. The service, quality and pricing were all great.

-Mike Quaite

Exceptional experience from start to finish. They responded quickly (same day) with a work-around to get water back on temporarily. Showed up the next morning for permanent pump replacement, which they accomplished in no time. Then they followed up to make sure everything was working to our satisfaction. 


These are salt of the earth folks: honest, reliable, dependable and skilled. Would highly recommend.

-Robyn Haddock

Tommy is awesome and very professional. Very quick response and 24 hour turn time to get our new well pump in and running again. Great experience.

-Lonnie Lane

Pump was dying, came right away to assess and was back in two days to replace the pump. Everything was great when they finished. Tommy was professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

-Steve S.

Tommy came to my rescue when our tank for our well sprang a hole and started flooding our basement. Not only did he take the time to walk me through steps but also turning off the power to it. He was out the next day fixing our issue. He was very professional and did a fantastic job!

-Kari Martin

Professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and experienced! This is the go to company for your well water and water pump needs. The best! Thank you for your great customer service!


Excellent service and advice. Very knowledgeable at a fair rate -- highly recommended.

-D Mills

Fletcher Drilling just replaced our Pump and Pressure Tank and responded to our problem very quickly and solved our problem. I would highly recommend them.

-John DeLuca

Tommy Fletcher's work was exceptional He trouble shot a few related issues and solved all of them. He offered some future ideas to consider and a reference to pursue. His pricing was excellent and included a much appreciated military discount. Above all, he knows his business--he's a professional and competent. Highly recommend his expertise/service.

-C.A. Reece

Having the pump on a well go out can be daunting. However, Fletcher Drilling was very responsive to our need. They did a temp fix for overnight and had their "well" man at our house the next morning. He was knowledgeable and personable and had the repair done in a few hours. We can definitely recommend Fletcher Drilling. Thanks for the followup e-mail and the great service!

-Judy Mary

Excellent service and reasonable prices. You cant ask for anything else.

-Doug Studmann

Fletcher Drilling replaced the pump on my well right after I bought my new house. I really appreciate the way that Tommy explained how the system worked and what was going wrong with the system. The company was able to get to my house within a week from my call to replace the pump. I appreciate the way that Tommy made me comfortable to call in the future with questions or concerns. I felt the pricing was fair as well.

-Gena Laabs

Tommy replaced our pump in a very timely manner. We appreciated his professionalism and friendliness and would definitely use his services again. We have recommended Fletcher Drilling to our neighbors.

-S Scmidt

Excellent service, good value for the pump and installation price--just plain honest problem assessment and follow through on service! Highly recommend Fletcher Drilling.

-Becky Lord

The epitome of great service! Prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Prior to coming to my home to diagnose the problem, they took the time to walk me through several troubleshooting techniques over the phone to solve the problem myself. Good work, Fletcher Drilling Inc.


I really appreciate your fast service. Out of water on a Sunday and you were there inside of 2 hours. Thanks again. 


Called Tommy Fletcher about our well ... we had no water! After self diagnosing it was the well pump, I had him come out to confirm my thoughts. Now he could have easily come out and "verified" my findings and sold me a $2,500-3,000 new well pump, controller and water tank. I would have been happy to have running water! Instead, he took time to show me exactly what he was doing to diagnose the real issue. Will I need a new well pump? Probably soon in that it looks like it is the original well pump (36 years and pumping!). But today I was able to drop a couple hundred bucks and we are back in business! Needless to say, later this year we will be calling Fletcher Drilling and getting the well pump replaced on our terms, not the pumps :-)

-Mark Chambers

Got a call at work that we had no water when I got home I checked the pressure tank and the other obvious things and no luck just the pump control box clicking like a bad relay. It was after hours and I sent a message to Fletcher drilling since I had used them 30 years ago to put a well in for me when I was building in Black Forest and they did a great job. Tommy was in touch with me in no time and got some basic info and was out the next day to work on the well of our other home by Falcon which was done by another company. I was amazed how quick they found the problem and came prepared so they were able to replace the pump and have me back in water in a few hours. Very well done, quick and once again professional services at their best. If I have any well problems i won't be calling anybody else.

-Zski Ski

Tommy is experienced, very friendly and affordable. He is also very busy. Call him soon for all of your well water pump and tank needs. Great job Tommy.
Thank you!!

-Claudia Russon

Very fast professional service. Tommy explained everything as he went and completed the job exactly when he said he would. Would highly recommend their service.

-Eric Paulik

They were fast and courteous. They seemed more concerned about us than making a buck, which of course makes me want to do business with them!

-Robert Harder

Outstanding work! Our well pump went out in the middle of a snow storm so we thought it would take a while to get someone to come out. First he had us check the fuses to save us money in case it was something simple that we could fix ourselves. After we found that the fuses were good, he came out that same day and diagnosed it immediately to a bad pump. He came out the very next day and only took a couple of hours and it was fixed. He probably would have been able to complete the job even sooner but we had to plow a path for him to get his truck back to the well. He was very courteous and his price was extremely reasonable. Most of the cost went to the new pump and barely anything for labor (even though he was working outside in a snow storm). The parts and work is also warrantied. We couldn't be happier.

-Sue T.

We recently had a problem with our well and pump. Fletcher Drilling was the only one that actually answered the phone vs. "leave a message and we will get back to you". Tommy came out the same day we spoke and pointed us in the right direction to get one problem solved. When he replaced our pump he said he would be there at 8:30 am and was driving on our property at 8:30 am. They say what they will do and do what they say. I would definitely recommend Fletcher Drilling. They were a pleasure to do business with!

-Marshall Huwe

Thanks for the great service and detailed explanations of what was going on.  Fair price and timely service!!!!! Would recommend to anyone!!! 

-John Jeter

After 17 years of service my well pump failed. I contacted Fletcher, who 19 years ago drilled and installed my well, and was totally astounded by the rapid response I received. Tommy Fletcher and his assistant were on the scene within hours. A total diagnosis was done and I must add that every question I had was answered  with additional information provided to me that for me was a learning experience. I must add that watching these two work together would eliminate the word novice from the dictionary.

Further more I must add that I made the call on Easter Sunday expecting to wait until Monday to hear back, however as it turned out I got a call back immediately and  had running water by Monday afternoon. There are many superlatives that could be used in a case like this but OUTSTANDING comes to mind foremost. Finally "If you need your WELL to perform WELL then you should consider WELLcoming  Fletcher Drilling to insure your WELLness".

-Joe Scibona

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